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Social Media and Recruitment

The adoption of social media is rife.  You may network with colleagues and fellow professionals on Linked-in; share holiday photos on Facebook; or Tweet like a bird.  Regardless, you, your company and the candidates you hope to attract will be using one, if not all of these social media channels.


So how does social media support the recruitment process?


Building Relationships

Candidates have an even greater number of resources to learn more about your company.  They can follow the company on Linked-in and Twitter – and possibly Facebook.  They can look up individuals within the company via Linked-in.  It is therefore essential that the company’s key messages are being communicated on social media channels.


Of course social media works both ways – companies can also do some background checks on a candidate via social media, and gain a real insight into who they are and their overall approach, not just to work, but also to life generally.


The openness that social media provides can be a real positive, making it much more obvious if a candidate will fit in with a company’s culture and ways of working.


So with such openness is there still a role for recruitment consultants?

With all these different social media channels making employers and candidates more open and approachable, the next question must be “is there still a role for recruitment consultants?”  Well unsurprisingly, the answer is – yes!


We add value to the whole recruitment process, ensuring that the right candidate fills the right role.  First of all, we work with companies to help them understand the skills, knowledge and experience they are looking for from the candidates.  We then undertake the search – speaking to individuals who may not necessarily be proactively looking for a new role, but who we believe would be ideal for the role and the company.  We manage the whole recruitment and communication process from start to finish, ensuring that there is complete clarity about what the other brings.


In summary

Social media can be powerful in understanding what’s important to a company and a candidate; but it can’t fill the shoes of a good recruitment consultant.  To find out how gki can fill your recruitment need contact us now.


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