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Matching Candidates to Cultures

We have already written recently about the use of social media to help build your relationship with potential candidates.  A candidate’s understanding of your company culture is so important.  Recruiting someone with the right skills and knowledge but the wrong cultural fit, can be disruptive to the current team and is time-consuming when the individual leaves quickly and you have to go through the recruitment process again.

The first step is that you need to understand your culture.

Define your values

Being able to define your company culture and understanding what it is that glues your company and its employees together is not easy.  Your marketing department or agency might already use a marketing profile in order to define your customers and this can reflect your culture and values.  You might speak to employees about how they would define your company culture and work style.

Many organisations have a defined set of ‘values’– these should reflect your core beliefs as a business and are a good starting point to help you to decide on the fit of your selected candidate(s).  Think about your company’s work style, decision-making processes and communication styles.  All of these should point to the kind of person who does, and will do, well in your organisation.


Rethinking your recruitment process

Understanding your organisational culture will help us in identifying individuals who are more likely to fit with your organisation.  We will use this to help us rethink the recruitment process.  For instance if the culture is inclusive and working as part of a team is essential, we may encourage you to allow them to meet the rest of the team;  if the culture requires fast decision-making, we may provide certain exercises to test their ability to make fast decisions under pressure.

Using recruitment to change the culture

In some instances, clients are actively seeking to change their organisational culture, and recruiting people who do not fit the current culture is necessary to help encourage change.  In these circumstances, it is essential that we are open and honest with the candidate.  They need to understand that they will facilitate the change, and there is bound to be some uncomfortable moments as the culture starts to change.

We advise our clients on all these issues and the best approach to take.  To find out more call us now.

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