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Step change or a safe pair of hands?

When recruiting you can either recruit somebody who will fit into the current team really easily – “a safe pair of hands”; or you can recruit somebody who won’t blend into the current team, but who will “create a step change” and will change the balance of the team.  This decision needs careful consideration and can have major ramifications.

Through our experience as recruiters we can identify whether somebody will be a fit or not.  It certainly comes through in the briefing and interview process and if we want to be completely confident, we can undertake psychometric testing, role-plays or possibly team interviews.

The advantage of bringing in somebody who fits the culture and can easily build up relationships with the current team, is that they become effective quickly.  The transition is smoother and takes more limited management time.  They won’t ruffle any feathers with the current team and they feel supported and at home quickly.  This is great, unless you want to use the new team member to encourage a cultural change, bring in a fresh perspective or deliberately change the balance of the team.

If you bring in somebody who you know will cause a step change, you need to be prepared to support them and the existing team through the transition.  There is likely to be some upset with the current team members and it will be important that you manage these situations and this is going to take up your management time.

Clearly we can help with the decisions and understanding potential ramifications as part of the overall recruitment process. Psychometric testing and understanding team roles can help with this transition and the coaching needed to make the change successful.

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