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GKI Resourcing sponsors IOD North West Annual Conference

The team at GKI Resourcing was delighted to sponsor the recent Institute of Directors North West Annual Conference which focused on business growth in a new economic cycle. Rachel Smith, IoD North West Regional Director stated that the North West has serious potential, and that now is the time to start thinking about growth. As well as setting the scene to economic growth, the conference provided insight to overcome barriers to growth.

“Retaining talent the biggest single challenge facing North West Businesses”

The conference set out that as we enter a new economic cycle, retaining talent is the biggest single challenge facing North West business owners; overtaking the problems with accessing finance for the first time in more than three years. Nearly half (48%) of the attendees at this year’s IoD North West annual conference claimed that losing their best people was the biggest business risk to growth that they will face over the next twelve months.

Creating a culture is key to successful growth

Being able to grow and retain this talent depends on creating a culture within the workplace. Tony Attard, IoD North West chairman, said: ‘A recurring theme amongst all our speakers was the importance of organisational culture and how leaders can use a strong culture to build a platform for growth.  People are certainly at the centre of this.’

Changing your culture is possible

As recruiters we know that a company needs the right culture to ensure that they retain talent.  When we recruit we ensure that our candidates have the right cultural fit with the employer, not just the required skills and experience.  Phil Jones at Brother UK spoke about ‘Cultural Evolution’.  He outlined fascinating ways for leaders to shift their cultural paradigm; all of which any leader could implement.

Up-skilling young people

The up-skilling of young people was also an important issue from the conference.  If our future generations to do not have the appropriate skills then we will not be able to secure future economic growth and prosperity.  As a nation we need to consider which industries will provide the jobs of the future and make sure our young people are equipped with the right skills to enter these industries. Businesses need to play their part by taking on young people to give them the experience and insight into those industries.

The Conference was a really interesting day, providing us with food-for-thought of the issues facing North West companies and how we can continue to support our clients and candidates.

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