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Transport in the Digital Age by Deloitte

Change is coming to transportation, whether we’re ready for it or not. You can see it in public sector investment in intelligent streets and digital railways, automakers’ focus on next-generation vehicles and smart mobility services, and in the widening recognition that the “information everywhere” world will utterly disrupt the transportation status quo.

The proportion of the global population living in urban areas continues to rise faster than capacity on roads, rail and other types of transport. This pressure on transport infrastructure is driving capital investment estimated at over a trillion dollars a year. However, you can’t always create capacity by pouring more concrete, and technology will play a crucial role in changing the way we travel.

The Digital Age has begun, and technology has brought us smart phones, real-time planning, open traffic data, and social customer service. For the first time, the passenger now has more information than the operator. This fundamental shift offers consumers real choice based on a picture of alternative routes, comparative pricing and current network status. As transport operators adapt and new entrants arrive, new business models will transform the use of user information, payments, integration and automation.

These changes will form five disruptive trends for transport and smart mobility services



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