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How we work

At GKI we try to keep the business of recruiting simple, so we don’t overcomplicate what we do, but we do seek to do what we do, well

Key to our success is the partnership and close relationship we maintain with clients, and the earlier you can involve us as key advisors in your recruitment projects, the more successful your recruit is likely to be, as we can bring our knowledge and experience into your decision making process. This allows you to make better informed decisions about recruiting, leading to increased chances of success and lower costs. Once the search is agreed we apply our eleven stage process to ensure that you experience the best chances of finding the right person for you.

Our primary focus is in the ‘difficult to fill’ market of £40k to £95k and we work as retained search consultants to successfully fill these roles. We have selected this salary bracket deliberately, as clients found that contingent, database driven agencies struggled to fill roles at the lower end, while search consultants at the higher end were unable to deliver the quality of service required by clients as the fees did not match with their business model.

So, we work with you, we charge a fixed fee (no variable percentages dependant on the remuneration package), we charge a retainer as part of the fee, and we carry out a full search project for you throughout the UK, into Europe and occasionally in the Middle East.

We have achieved a very high rate of success and that should give you the confidence to work with us in the future, while allowing us to lead and manage the project successfully.

If you would like to know more, please email or call our, Managing Director, George Wealthall on of call on 0161 641 0897

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