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A different energy future – Where energy transformation is taking us

We are witnessing considerable disruption in the power sector arising from a combination of policy, technological and customer change. It’s creating a transformation in how we think about, produce and use electricity. In some parts of the world, disruption is already taking a strong hold. In other parts of the world, it is just beginning. It comes on top of the already considerable existing challenges companies face in providing energy security, affordability and sustainability.

Looking further ahead, we find that a clear majority in the survey expect significant or very significant market model change by 2030 in response to energy transformation and that current business models won’t be sustainable for long. For some the need for change is pressing and, indeed, well over a third of those in North America and Europe say that current power sector company business models are already broken and the need for change is already urgent. But elsewhere in the world, the imperative to change is felt to be less immediate.

PWC examine what all this means for the operational focus of companies. As well as a switch away from thermal to renewable generation, we find a big step-up in activity is expected in areas that are of limited or only emerging importance to the sector at the moment, such as smart city, smart home and smart community infrastructure, local energy systems, electric vehicles and off-grid solutions.


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