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KPMG Media Tracker

Media Tracker is a new bi-annual report compiled with Markit which unveils potential significant impact on broadcasters as viewers’ habits change.

What lies ahead for the media consumer?

Featuring unique survey data from UK media companies, marketing executives and consumers, they draw upon the results of 1,500 UK households to illustrate key emerging trends in media consumption, as well as likely patterns of change on the horizon.

UK media sector tracker

The second section presents the headline UK media sector tracker, which aims to provide fresh media sector insight, from the perspective of UK marketing executives and private sector media companies.

Media sector job market trends

In the final section, they examine labour market trends in the media sector. Job security, income from employment, workplace activity and household finances are all benchmarked against those reported across the UK as a whole, through the past six years.

Key data from Media Tracker revealed:

  • Almost eight out of ten (77%) respondents had watched catch-up TV over the past month, with 18-24 year olds leading this trend (86% for the group)
  • Viewing behaviour is becoming dominated by a desire to control broadcasts, with 42% claiming they watch catch-up TV compared to 24% who watch programmes as they are broadcast
  • Televisions are the most common device for catch-up viewing at 53%, followed by desktops/laptops (33%), tablets (22%) and smartphones (10%)
  • Among 18-24 year olds, more than 50% opted to stream their favourite TV shows on their personal computers rather than watching it through a television set
  • One in five (21%) went further, claiming they do not have access to a television set.

Given the lack of reliable business cycle information currently available and the importance of media sector health to the wider UK creative industries, hopefully  this tracker can plug a vital information gap for industry participants and policymakers.



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