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HR Business Partner

The client, a large provider of private healthcare in the UK, was undergoing significant change and reorganisation. This included the realignment of a traditional HR model to an embedded Business Partner model. Following internal assessment of the existing team, it was decided that they would have to go outside for the necessary skill sets.

gki was asked to carry out a search on a very tight timescale to find a generalist HR expert with experience of working in a commercial business partner environment.

Because of the nature and level of the role, it was not expected that candidates would relocate, so the search was focussed within commuting distance of the client. Target companies were tiered, depending on similarity of business, their HR model and location.

Candidates were identified through research, database activity and networking and approached. Within three weeks, candidates had been interviewed face to face and a short list of four submitted. All four candidates were met by the client and two were taken to the next stage, meeting the rest of the team and the Divisional Managing Director. A day later a verbal offer was made and accepted and the candidate has been in place since October 2012.

Production Director

The client had recently commissioned a large, highly automated frozen food manufacturing plant which they were struggling to bring to the necessary levels of efficiency.

They saw an opportunity to bring on board a Production Director with direct responsibility for the new frozen plant, but who would also take on a group role leading eight other manufacturing units.

Location was to prove a major factor as the position was based in the North East and competitors in the region that operated on the necessary scale were few. Consequently, we identified similar organisations nationally and searched into those businesses. In addition, we ran an online advertising campaign to generate candidates, leads and interest in the relevant community. Our known network played a large part in the successful identification of appropriate candidates as well.

The combined strategy delivered a number of good candidates, although location caused some to withdraw. Of the candidates left, we met and interviewed twelve and submitted a short list of four plus one other who was identified as highly talented and quickly appointed as a Factory Manager.

The rest of the candidates were discussed with the client and three were invited to interview. After three client interview and psychometrics, a candidate was appointed to the role of Production Director.

UK Managing Director

gki was asked by the European CEO to find and help appoint a new Managing Director for the UK for an £80m, profitable but stagnant business. This was to be a new position and key to the success of the person coming in, was their ability to migrate a system, procedure and product led business to a customer focussed, service and sales led business. In addition there were internal sensitivities so the search had to remain confidential.

At gki we identified similar organisations and looked at their track record of growth. We also considered other businesses outside the sector but that operated in a similar b2b environment with a focus on customers and sales.

Our initial research identified a number of businesses and we were able to cross reference success with the leadership teams. We approached relevant and key people in those teams and opened discussions with those who expressed an interest, providing them with a detailed brief.

Candidates who remained interested were met and interviewed against the role specifications and competencies. The strongest candidates were submitted to the client within five weeks of the start of the project. Three weeks later and with continuing support from gki, a candidate was appointed and started with the client in early 2013.

Since then we have undertaken a further three roles for the client and his new Managing Director.

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