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The Power of an Interim

There are a number of scenarios where a company may benefit from bringing in an interim.  The company may be working on a specific project and they have a short-term need for another pair of hands or a set of skills and experience that the permanent team members don’t have.  The company may have lost a permanent team member and have struggled to recruit somebody permanently into the role.  Or the company may need to shake things up a bit – perhaps a difficult decision needs to be implemented, or there are political sensitivities which need overcoming.

I am often asked about the day-rate for an interim.  They aren’t a cheap resource, but they do offer great value for money.  An interim tends to be a highly experienced and skilled senior manager or director.  The company may not be able to afford that level of skills and experience on a permanent basis.  However, purchasing them on a short-term, temporary basis is much more affordable.  In addition, interims are able to parachute into a business and get to grips with the issues and politics quickly and easily.  This makes them effective quickly.

To ensure that you get the most from your interim you need to plan.  You need to be clear on what you expect from your interim.  Are they plugging a short-term gap or are you looking for them to facilitate change within the company.  You also need to be realistic about what they can achieve.  If you are bringing them in for just a few months, it may not be possible for them to completely change the company’s culture – don’t forget changing a culture can be like turning round an oil tanker.  You also need to think about how the permanent team will react to the interim.  The permanent team members’ reaction to an interim can be revealing.  If the permanent team members become defensive and territorial, it can show their own insecurities or that they aren’t a strong team player.

Regardless of the reason for your need for an interim, we have a great selection of interims with a wide range of skills and experience.  Call us now to find out more.

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