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CIPD Labour Market Predictions 2015

A copy of the report is attached to allow you to read this at your leisure, please click the link below



The main highlights of this year end commentary on what might be expected to happen in the UK labour market are..

– the UK labour market will continue to expand at a strong rate, but it’s unlikely we’ll see any real increase in wage growth until 2016.

– employers will need to raise their productivity, including developing their workforce, before skills shortages mount.


Advantages of Using an HR Consultant

As a business leader you’ll already know if your business needs help, but it might be that you are struggling to define the need or think you can probably muddle through in any case…

  • You might be a CEO/MD of a growing business that can’t yet justify a permanent strategic HR presence on the Board…but you know you need new input to help your business make the step change necessary for substantial growth or performance improvement.
  • You might have a development issue within your leadership team or with a key player, and you need help to structure your approach to the issue and identify a way forward to achieve a positive outcome.
  • You might be an HR Manager who needs some guidance and support to deliver a project, and need a professional review to sense check and support to conclusion.

Whatever the challenge, don’t underestimate the role an HR leader can play in supporting you, your team and your business to achieve your commercial objectives.

We can provide that practical, high level expert knowledge and leadership by working closely with you and your key stakeholders to enable you to articulate the issues you face as a business and team. We can help you put in place a firm foundation from which you can develop your organisation and people to support performance improvement, growth and profitability.

What does that actually mean?

It means the development or enhancement, of a commercially sound, practical strategy which recognises:

  • Business challenges and strengths – growth forecast and affordability
  • Employee engagement as a key component of successful growth
  • Pay, Reward and Recognition within an environment of restraint
  • Communications as critical to engendering employee loyalty and commitment, that need to be open, honest and inclusive
  • Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility reflecting culture, legal obligation, your ethical values, and those of your investors, employees, clients and suppliers.
  • Organisation Design, to ensure that your structure is effective and you recruit well to support it now and for the future, as well as considering the constantly changing market place.

If you are experiencing HR and/or people issues, it is likely that we can help. Please contact Pauline Jeffers, Head of HR Consulting at GKI for further information;

Bank of England Presentation

A copy of the presentation is attached to allow you to read this at your leisure, please click the link below.


Bank of England Presentation by Ian McCafferty


The Key Messages relating to recruitment and business investment generally include a moderate rate of growth over the next three years of around 3% aggregated, balanced by inflation remaining below 2%. Ian indicates that the BoE believed that consumer confidence has returned to 2007 levels as has business investment. Meanwhile, the labour market continues to tighten and ‘defensive pay awards’ are on the increase.


12 Steps to Recruitment

With the 12 days of Christmas approaching most of us start to wind down but if you haven’t already, now is the time to start thinking about your recruitment or restructuring needs for 2015. If you want to get a head start on your completion then contact us now to discuss your requirements so that we can start the preliminary work this year to ensure that you are ready for next year. In order to help you with this we have put together our 12 steps of recruitment;

  1. Client visit and production of a detailed assignment brief
  2.  Research target organisations and identify suitable candidates
  3. Search databases and network extensively to obtain further leads & recommendations
  4. Write and place all advertising
  5. We will acknowledge, screen and interview candidates
  6. Long list of most suitable candidates presented to you at meeting
  7. Short listed candidates contacted and interviews arranged through ourselves
  8. Feedback given to both client and candidates and second stage interviews arranged
  9. Assistance in formulation of offers
  10. Debriefing meeting
  11. Maintain close contact with successful candidate during notice period and after placement
  12. Successful candidate starts

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