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Strategic HR Consultancy

Many organisations do not possess the luxury of large HR departments, and any change or performance improvement programme can be delayed because of a lack of ‘know-how’ or resource. A failure to act at the right time can affect the success of a business – sometimes catastrophically.

The high impact Strategic HR Consultancy at GKI aims to provide you with high levels of organisational effectiveness through HR strategies, programmes and practices that cover organisational change, talent acquisition, management training, leadership development, employee relations, ethical & legal compliance, compensation & benefits, performance planning and review processes that enhance leadership and employee performance, commitment and retention.

Our HR services may be used when preparing a business for sale, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, or simply because you want your business to be more effective but don’t have the time or resources internally.

Consulting success at GKI has been built upon the principle of trust and a close partnership with business and operational leadership, acting as commercial advisors and taking a high level of responsibility and accountability for the outcomes.