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Consumer Goods & Services

The consumer goods and services sector includes: food and drink, consumer durables, household goods, textiles and furnishings, personal care, cosmetics, sports goods and luxury brands. The sector includes a broad spectrum of businesses, and the one thing they have in common is their fast-paced nature and desire to innovate.

We understand the importance of placing the right kind of people into roles in this sector. The sector requires entrepreneurial talent – people who can adapt and change quickly. Companies in this sector require people who understand the importance of getting the goods and services to the customers on time and delivered in the manner that the customers require them.

Our clients operate in the UK and internationally. They include traditional stores, multi-channel operations, on-line retailers and mail order. Our clients are family owned businesses, listed businesses and private equity backed companies. Companies with whom we have worked include: Quorn, PZ Cussons and Clarks.

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